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Snare Stand Professional Salmiéri Drums

Snare Stand Professional - Salmiéri Drums - The best choice of drum head Claude Salmiéri

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Retail Price - Prix Client : 69,64 CHF inkl. MwSt.

Price - Prix (TAR Incl.) exkl. MwSt. : 44,64 CHF

44,64 CHF


69,64 CHF

-25,00 CHF

Professional Snare Stand - Salmiéri Drums - The best choice of drum head Claude Salmiéri


Welcome to the Age of Salmiéri! "When a manufacturer is able to offer this quality with prices unequalled at this level of professionalism, I have to say, “Yes to Prodipe!” I am committed to Prodipe because it’s a brand that listens to ”musicians”. " The best choice of drum head Claude Salmiéri




28.6 diameter bases
Double-braced legs.
Details: For 12" to 14" Diameter Snare Drums
Height adjustment range : 530mm - 700mm (21”- 27" 1/2 )
The geras you can adjust it to any angle you desire. This mechanism also has a amore durable structure than the conventinal gear tilter
The rubber cushions allow the snare drum to "float" on the basket arms for improved resonance.
In addition, they help reduce fatigue by softening the impact of snare drum playing on your arms and wrists