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DL21 Salmiéri Drums instrument mic set Prodipe

DL21 Salmiéri Drums instrument mic set Prodipe. A totally new range of instrument mic systems for recording all your percussion instruments live. For Drums, snare, toms, rototoms, and many more

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Retail Price - Prix Client : 324,05 CHF tax incl.

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324,05 CHF

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DL21 Salmiéri Drums instrument mic set Prodipe

A totally new range of instrument mic systems for recording all your acoustic instruments live.

4-mic pack DL21 for toms and snare drums

" My DL21 4-mic pack for toms and snare drums is incredibly ergonomic for live playing. It makes a perfect addition to the DR8 drum mic case.

The 21 capsule can handle up to 140dB, and at that level of performance it will preserve the full harmonic envelope, which brings warmth to the sound of your instrument. Highly effective for recording snare drums and toms.

And we’ve designed a very clever rubber clamp that perfectly adapts to the various hoop sizes, and cushions the vibrations. The capsule stays exactly where it should be when suspended over the drum head and accurately reproduces the sound of your instrument. You can also use the DL21 mics to record the depth of the timbre of your snare drum by attaching them to the underside of the drum.”

Claude Salmiéri -Drummer

Clamps and XLR adaptor supplied with the mic pack for wired connection (48V phantom power required).

The top features of DL21 Salmiéri Drums

  • Excellent natural sound.
  • Very high acceptable sound pressure level (140 dB).
  • Flexible gooseneck for fast, easy mounting.
  • Lightweight rubber clamp specific to the instrument.
  • Very high level of protection from instrument vibration.
  • Mini XLR to XLR connector adaptor ensures that the mic lead is properly positioned on your instrument (48V phantom power supply required for wired connection).


DL21-Mikrofon-Set für Toms und kleine Trommel Prodipe

Here are the various components that make up the DL21 Salmiéri Drums:

The Prodipe brand has acquired a reputation for being highly innovative. We’re extremely proud that the list of AL21 components below represents a statement of intent for French innovation.

The 21 Capsule

We wanted the capsule to be able to withstand an acoustic pressure of up to 140 dB so that it would preserve the full harmonic envelope and the warmth of the sound. We also wanted the capsule attachment to be unobtrusive, secure, manageable, and not in the way.

AL21 Romanelli Accordion mic pack Prodipe  

The Clamp Mechanism

Our in-house clamp mechanism is totally unique.

Not a single product on the market can claim to have similar features. So what are the differences between our brand and other brands? Our clamp mechanism offers a much greater stability when attached to the instrument and our flexible stem is ideal for pinpoint positioning of the mic.

We have achieved these improvements by focusing on two specific areas:

- The stability of the mic attachment: the DL21 clamp mechanism is very strong. Its suspension mount is compact, the rim clamp for the tom is rock solid and the flexible stem is long enough for the sound recordist to be able to position the capsule exactly where it’s needed, even when recording during a boisterous concert with plenty of percussion.

- The 21 capsule has its own anti-vibration isolation mount: it’s hard to ignore the vibrations of a tom or a percussion instrument and still guarantee a pure, unpolluted sound, so we opted for an elastic suspension shock mount, which is the type of mount we have used for nearly all the Prodipe Series 21 instrument mics. This mount is the only one that can isolate a mic from excessive vibration.

The innovation in our approach to the clamp mechanism is how it attaches to toms, snare drums and other percussion instruments. Our clamp consists of a purpose-made rubber compound. Its rim-hugging shape tightly grips the flexible gooseneck mic stem that holds the individualised suspension mount with the capsule in place.

Unlike its competition, the Prodipe DL21 Salmiéri Drum mic pack boasts a number of major advantages: it is easier to attach, easier to handle and easier to transport. It is also excellent at absorbing vibration, and the quality of the final sound is both scarily accurate and remarkably clear.


  • Sensitivity: -47dB ±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
  • Max. SPL: 140 dB
  • Impedance: 2.2 KΩ
  • Directivity: uni directional
  • S/N Ratio: 68dB
  • Frequency response: 50Hz à 20KHz
  • Cable length : 1 m


The Series 21 instrument mic systems are also available for the following instruments:

  • Guitar mic: GL21 Guitar & Ukulele
  • Ukelele mic: GL21 Guitar & Ukulele
  • Saxophone mic: SB21 Sax & Brass
  • Wind instrument mic: SB21 Sax & Brass
  • Double Bass mic: BL21 Double Bass
  • Cello mic: CL21 Cello
  • Drums mics: PL21 Percussions