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UHF DSP AL21 PACK SOLO Prodipe with Series 21 mics AL21

UHF DSP AL21 PACK SOLO Prodipe Wireless dynamic Mic vocalist. Use the new UHF B210 DSP, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology. Ready for the mic's 21 series AL21, Use the new UHF DSP AL21 PACK SOLO to your AL21 instrument mic to reproduce the musicality of your instruments and turn wireless into wired!

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1 x AL21 Romanelli Accordéon instrument mic Prodipe

Prodipe AL21 Romanelli Accordion instrument mic set a fully adaptable mounting system, to develop 3 flexible clamps. The AL21 Romanelli Accordion mic pack optimizes the sound of the accordion on a PA system. We have chosen to use a unidirectional capsule. Clamp(s) and XLR adaptor are supplied for wired mic use (48V phantom power supply required).

1 x UHF B210 DSP Solo Prodipe with Series 21 mics SB21

UHF B210 DSP Solo Prodipe Wireless dynamic Mic. Use the new UHF B210 DSP, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology equipped, to reproduce the musicality of your instruments and turn wireless into wired! Ready for the mic's 21 series, Use the new UHF B210 DSP bodypacks to your SB21 instrument mic to reproduce the musicality of your instruments and turn wireless into wired!


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This pack contains the following elements:

  • The AL21 Romanelli Accordion three mics pack
  • The wireless system UHF B210 DSP Solo


Combine your AL21 Romanelli mic pack with the UHF B210 DSP Solo for wireless sound reproduction of your diatonic/chromatic accordion using two mics. You can also connect two AL21 mics directly to the UHF B210 Solo bodypack using a Y-cable with the AL21 mic pack


" The sound of the accordion is one of the most complicated to reproduce, so our challenge was to create a mic pack, the Romanelli AL21, which emphasises quality, strength and ease of use. We're very happy with the outcome.

With Prodipe's new UHF B210 DSP you can now play a diatonic or chromatic accordion with a wireless system. The DSP circuit is perfect for managing UHF frequencies.

With DSP technology, UHF provides the type of quality you'd expect from a wired system. Relish the excellent sound balance when you play music. It's wireless meets wired.

And as for the UHF side of things, the electronics have been designed to resist interference and guarantee the integrity of the signal at all times."

Ludovic Lanen

AL21 specifications:

  • Directivity: cardioid
  • Output Impedance: 2.2 KΩ
  • Sensitivity: -47dB ±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
  • Cable length: 1 m
  • Pression max. SPL: 140dB
  • Signal - noise: 68dB
  • Frequency response: 50Hz - 20KHz


  • Micro cravate P2L : un micro à condensateur et à petite membrane, qui respectera le timbre de votre voix et qui s'avèrera très efficace pour les conférences ou tout type de présentation orale.
  • Micro serre-tête : confortables et légers, les nouveaux headset Prodipe sont équipés d'une cellule de qualité spécialement conçue pour le chant et la voix. Etudiés pour une utilisation en mouvement, ils s'adapteront parfaitement à votre morphologie.

UHF DSP AL21 PACK SOLO sytem's main functions:

  • Type de transmission : UHF
  • Bande passante : 630 - 680MHz
  • Fréquences : 1 x 100
  • Dynamique : >90dB
  • Distorsion harmonique : <0.1%
  • Réponse en fréquence : 30Hz à 20KHz
  • Portée : 60 M


Système - Transmetteur :

  • Puissance : 10mW
  • Type de modulation : FM
  • Sensibilité : RX < -94dBm
  • Alimentation : LR6 (AA) 1.5V × 2 (environ 8h)


Système - Récepteur :

  • Puissance alimentation : AC100~240V (50-60Hz)
  • Voltage : 12V
  • S/N ratio : >96dB
  • Sortie audio asymétrique : Jack 6.35 mm
  • Sortie audio symétrique : XLR

Caution :

This piece of radio equipment is designed to be used at professional musical events or similar and for radio broadcasts.

This equipment conforms to the requirements of the RED 2014/53/EU European Directive. The frequencies used are subject to license in Belgium and Germany. Before using the equipment, please act in accordance with the provisions of the law currently operating in your country.