Studio 22 + Prodipe Ultra Mobile USB-Soundkarte
    • Studio 22 + Prodipe Ultra Mobile USB-Soundkarte

    Studio 22 + Prodipe Ultra Mobile USB-Soundkarte

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    Audiokarte USB PRODIPE STUDIO 22 +, USB AUDIO Interface: ausgestattet mit kombiniertem XLR/Jack-Eingang, Stereo-USB-Eingang und -Ausgang, Stereoausgang für Monitoring und separatem Kopfhörerausgang Verwendbar mit CUBASE, PRO TOOLS oder jeder anderen Software. Asio-Treiber bereit.

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    Studio 22 + interface

    The must-have tool for today's musician

    With Prodipe, as per usual, it's all about the music and the musician. At unbeatable value for money, the Studio22+ USB audio interface faithfully carries on the Prodipe tradition.

    Whether you use it for recording, home studio work or live performances, at only €89, the Studio22+ is absolutely essential for music lovers, amateur musicians and professional musicians.

    We have developed an all-round product for you:

    • The new Prodipe Studio22+ is a first-rate audio interface for Mac and PC. It comes with a USB DAC (digital to analogue converter) and the Prodipe driver, ASIO 2, for near-zero latency (less than 1 millisecond).
    • Equipped with combined XLR/Jack input, stereo USB input and output, stereo output for monitoring and separate headphone output.
    • Included is a high quality audio chipset for creating recordings that are ultra smooth and exceptionally warm.
    • But the Studio22+ is also self-contained, so your mics, instruments, monitor speakers and headphones can all be plugged in directly.


    Here are some examples of what you can do with Studio 22+:

    • Two of you want to perform live and record yourselves at the same time. Use Studio 22+.
    • You want to play your electric guitar and sing at the same time, but your amp has only one input socket. Use Studio 22+. 
    • You want to play better by listening to yourself through headphones. Use Studio 22+.
    • You want to use two mics with your acoustic guitar, but your amp has only one input socket. Use Studio 22+.
    • You want to use a Series 21 mic, but your amp doesn't have phantom power. No worries - use Studio 22+


    Prodipe Studio 22 +    Prodipe Studio 22 +

    The Studio22+ includes a range of inputs and outputs:

    One mono input for instrument/mic:

    • One balanced XLR combined connector (13) and balanced Jack (14).
    • Phantom power with ON/OFF switch and LED indicator (1).
    • Gain control knob (3).


    One stereo line/instrument input:

    • Dual 6.35mm Jack socket (balanced/unbalanced) (12).
    • Volume knob with LED signal indicator (SIG) (4).


    One  stereo USB audio port (7) :

    • One stereo BUS channel (from Mac or PC).
    • USB volume knob (2).


    One MAIN MIX stereo output:

    • Dual Jack socket (balanced/unbalanced) (5).
    • MAIN MIX output level knob (11)
    • "Hi-Z" line/instrument impedance button (15).


    One stereo headphone output:

    • PHONES Jack socket (6).
    • PHONES output level knob (9)


    One stereo USB port (7) :

    • One stereo BUS channel (from Mac or PC).


    General features:

    • Power LED  (green)
    • Mac OS compatible (CoreAudio)
    • Windows compatible (Prodipe ASIO 2.0)
    • USB power (USB A to B cable supplied)
    • External power supply possible: DC 5Volts/500mA (via USB: USB charger, smartphone charger, etc non supplied )
    • 3 pin XLR connector (IEC 60268 standard), pin 1: ground, pin 2: hot (+), and pin 3: cold (-)
    • Power consumption: 2.5 Watts (max)
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 109mm x 52mm x104 mm
    • Weight: 0.5kg
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