Natural 6 Cherrywood Prodipe - Combo guitar & Voice Speaker Sonorisation 140 Watt
    • Natural 6 Cherrywood Prodipe - Combo guitar & Voice Speaker Sonorisation 140 Watt

    Natural 6 Cherrywood Prodipe - Combo guitar & Voice Speaker Sonorisation 140 Watt


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    NATURAL 6 Cherrywood Prodipe COMBO for guitare & acoustics instruments. Made of laminated wood for better dynamics, the Natural 6 Cherrywood amplifies your acoustic guitar, stringed instrument or pickup with exceptional sound quality and precision. Imagine an amp that recreates the sound of your instrument as if you were playing it unplugged. The Natural6 amp offers exceptional sound quality and pinpoint accuracy. It's perfect for acoustic guitars, stringed instruments and mics..

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    Amp Natural 6

    Acoustic Instrument Amp

    The active electro acoustic Natural6 amp is the result of a lasting team effort - Prodipe working alongside Ludovic Lanen to understand and achieve the type of sound, colour and character that an acoustic instrument should have when played through an amp.

    The Natural6 has been designed for guitarists and players of acoustic instruments. It's easy to move around and gives a sound which is incredibly faithful to the original.

    Imagine a guitar that sounds the same whether you have your amp on or off. The natural6 can do this because of its 140 Watts of pure RMS bi-amplified sound passing through a neodymium dome tweeter and a 6 inch fibreglass woofer.

    It is also equipped with a full range of connections for your guitar, acoustic instruments, dynamic mic, condenser mic and stereo in/out, including several balanced inputs and outputs, 3-band equalisers, phantom power, DSP reverb, anti-feedback and ground lift.

    Its sturdy manufacture, cubelike shape, carry handle and base plate for stand mounting make it an excellent and extremely versatile tool for professionals.

    Built-in mixing console:

    4 inputs:

    • 2 balanced mono inputs with gain, 3-band EQ, reverb and volume + optional phantom power (XLR and 6.35mm Jack).
    • One unbalanced mono input with gain, 3-band EQ, reverb and volume (6.35mm Jack).
    • One Stereo In with 2-band EQ and volume (stereo RCA).


    4 outputs:

    • One stereo output (stereo RCA).
    • One balanced mono output (XLR).
    • One unbalanced mono output (6.35mm Jack).
    • One stereo headphone output (6.35mm Jack).


    The Natural6 includes a full built-in mixing console with a DSP multi-effects processor (one button control for 8 pre-set reverb effects), anti-feedback to counteract guitar resonance, and ground lift to eliminate any potential ground noise from certain guitars.


    With the Natural6 mixing console you can connect and play almost anything:

    • All electro acoustic guitars.
    • All dynamic, condenser, instrument and studio mics.
    • All external sources such as PCs, keyboards, synthesisers, rhythm boxes, electronic drum kits and telephones.

    You can also connect your Natural6 to another amp, or use it to record onto a sound card or portable device.

    Spécifications techniques

    MODÈLE : PRODIPE Natural 6

    • Frequency range: 50Hz -20KHz
    • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) - Neodymium Dome
    • Woofer: 6½" (165mm) - Fibreglass membrane
    • Amplification:
      • HF Power RMS (peak): 40W (60W)
      • LF Power RMS (peak): 100W (180W)
    • Signal to Noise ratio: 92dB
    • SPL level (max): 114dB
    • Input/output impedance:
      • Balanced XLR: 1.5MΩ
      • Unbalanced Jack: 1MΩ
      • RCA: 22Ω
    • EQ boost/cut range: +/- 15dB
      • High frequency: 12KHz
      • Mid frequency: 2.5KHz
      • Low frequency: 80Hz
    • Electronic filtering:
      • Cut-off Frequency: 2.6KHz
      • Subsonic Filter: 45Hz
    • Fuse rating:
      • 100V - 120V: 3.15A
      • 220V - 240V: 1A
    • Audio inputs:
      • 2 XLR/Jack
      • 1 Jack
      • 1 stereo RCA
    • Audio outputs:
      • 1XLR
      • 1 Jack
      • 1 stereo headphone set
    • Dimensions (W x H x D) in mm: 390 x 320 x 285
    • Weight (per unit:) 13Kg
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