Cover 3/4 Classic guitar 12 mm JMF-CGB3/4 Prodipe Guitars

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    Cover Electric guitar 3/4 12 mm JMF-CGB3/4 Prodipe Guitars Solid outer coating to prevent scratching or tearing of the lid. Reinforced zippers to prevent accidents Simple and sturdy carrying handle Protective foam

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    Classic guitar case 4/4 12 mm JMF-CGB4/4 Prodipe Guitars

    The covers Prodipe Guitars gather all the qualities essential to the transport of this nomadic instrument, that is the guitar

    • A solid outer covering to prevent the frictions tearing the cover early.
    • Reinforced zippers to prevent accidents (recurring failure of low-end covers).
    • A simple and sturdy carrying handle.
    • A protective foam.
    • A sober and efficient aesthetic ... with 1 pocket, for small accessories or notebooks.


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