List of products by brand Prodipe

Microphones, wireless microphones, monitor speakers, audio interfaces, headsets and other Prodipe professional audio accessories and equipment for home studio, sound recording and PA sound. Prodipe Switzerland

The PRODIPE Commitment: to design quality products that are identical to the best references in the marketplace, but at exceptional prices.  
To live up to this promise, PRODIPE has brought in two big names from the world of music - Ludovic Lanen, an extremely gifted sound engineer and Claude Salmieri, a drummer and pianist who is one of the best musicians in France. Associating these two men with our best current production facilities has been a resounding success.
Our pledge: to be the least expensive of the well-known brands. With the advent of the global market and the free movement of expertise, high prices no longer mean anything. Our products hold their own with many references on the market that cost a great deal more.
If you look carefully at PRODIPE, you can see that the professional quality is there and at long last, it is available to everyone.
Our commitment: to be the least expensive of the well-known brands