• Applied Acoustics Systems

    Applied Acoustics Systems

    Applied Acoustics Systems - AAS. Canadian Society of Synthesizers based on Physical Modeling Software, Lizard Lounge, Tassman, Ultra Analog, String Studio, Strum Acoustic, Strum Electric as well as other products from the world of computer music

  • Arobas music

    Arobas music

    Arobas Music, the editor of Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro is tablature editing software for guitar, bass and other string instruments, keyboard, drums and more. Equipped with a powerful audio engine, it facilitates musical writing

  • Cakewalk


    Cakewalk develops computer audio Midi software for recording and making music. Include award-winning digital audio workstations for PC, fully-integrated music making software and recording hardware, and innovative soft-synth virtual instruments PC and Mac

  • Image Line Software NV

    Image Line Software NV

    FL Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows and MacOS. FL Studio is a complete software environment for music production, with everything you need to compose, organize, record, edit, mix and master. Fruityloops, Producer, Signature

  • IPE Music

    IPE Music

    IPE Music is one of the main players in music computing in France. Editor of numerous references such as Piano Score, Crescendo, Piano Passion and the distributor of the French version of Finale music writing software

  • Jammate


    Jammate, manufacturer of audio sound card and midi interface for computer music for Mac & PC computer , products for IPad, Ipod, iPhone, USB and PCI audio card, USB guitar for Mac and PC, I-Rock, Jammate, Primus, Midi USB keyboard professional quality

  • Les dossiers de l'ACME

    Les dossiers de l'ACME

    The ACME Papers - Since 1981: To provide you with an enlightened and independent information on current techniques and technologies of sound and music creation, Aidio and MIDI, as well as their professional users and musicians!

  • MakeMusic


    MakeMusic - Software to compose, practice, teach and play music. Distribution of the French version of MakeMusic Finale Music Writing Software, The best score editing software in the music market. Finale, PrintMusic The ultimate music notation program

  • Neuratron


    Music Scanning Software and Audio Transcription Software for Sibelius, Finale and More. Neuratron Music Scanning and Notation Software - Performance and Scoring Software for Final Score, Sibelius or any notation software PC and Mac

  • PCDJ Digital 1 audio

    PCDJ Digital 1 audio

    PCDJ software and their hardware and software products for DJs and professional musicians. DJ software, video mixing software and karaoke software to host karaoke nights, mix music files and music videos on a Windows PC or MAC.

  • Prodipe


    Microphones, wireless microphones, monitor speakers, audio interfaces, headsets and other Prodipe professional audio accessories and equipment for home studio, sound recording and PA sound. Prodipe Switzerland

  • Prodipe guitars JM Forest

    Prodipe guitars JM Forest

    In response to musicians looking for authenticity, PRODIPE GUITARS presents its range of guitars, ukuleles and accessories. Know-how, quality and extreme relevance of PRODIPE GUITARS instruments manufacturing 

  • Salmiéri Drums by Prodipe

    Salmiéri Drums by Prodipe

    Salmiéri Drums by Prodipe, A brand new range of instrument mics for sound recording, on stage, for all acoustic instruments, accessories for percussive instruments, drums. Materials designed by the drummer Claude Salmièri.

  • Virsyn Software Synthesizer

    Virsyn Software Synthesizer

    Virsyn Software Synthesizer, software editor for music, virtual synthesizer. Voice synthesis software, additive synthesis. Modular Software Synthesizer with Multiple Synthesis Technologies, for PC and Mac, Cantor, Cube et Tera