Garritan Instant Orchestra Virtual Instrument Libraries
    • Garritan Instant Orchestra Virtual Instrument Libraries

    Garritan Instant Orchestra Virtual Instrument Libraries

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    Garritan Instant Orchestra is a completely new type of sound library, Garritan IO its made for create orchestral music very quickly and easily. Unlike conventional orchestral libraries, which require musicians to create scores using dozens of individual tracks, this virtual Instant Orchestra can produce dramatic orchestrations with just one or two staves. Almost anyone can sound like an A-list Hollywood composer)

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    Garritan Instant Orchestra Virtual Instrument Libraries


    Garritan Instant Orchestra Virtual Instrument Libraries is a completely new type of sound library, Garritan IO it's made to create orchestral music very quickly and easily. Its provides an instantly playable orchestral library with many pre-packaged orchestral combinations and mash-ups, mood-based presets that range from orchestration simplifiers to complex evolving textures, and many orchestral effects.

    Unlike conventional orchestral libraries, which require musicians to create scores using dozens of individual staves or tracks, Garritan IO Virtual Instrument Libraries can produce dramatic orchestrations with just one or two staves. As a result, almost anyone can sound like an A-list Hollywood composer. The experience is empowering, addicting, and fun.  

    Orchestral music instantly—just add imagination!

    Orchestration has never been so easy. Instant Orchestra makes it possible to create orchestrations in minutes—from start to finish. IO includes amazing orchestral instrument combinations and effects, bombastic brass, ultra-lush strings, low-octave rumblings, spooky wind textures, mega-hits, wild overlays, silvery choirs, light glissy harps, ethereal textures, chaotic whirls, rises, glissandi, chord clusters, and much more.  

    Intuitive and easy to use

    The premise of IO is to make orchestrating easy. The library does not assume any prior knowledge of scoring music or orchestrating. It also eliminates setup hassles. You can go from small to massive orchestrations very easily, with little loading and instant results.   

    Everything is orchestrated for you and ready to go 

    Garritan IO carefully mixes orchestral instruments from various instrument families playing in unison, in octaves, and tutti. These orchestral combinations range from light, delicate sounds to big, epic patches, all of which can fill out any orchestral gaps in your music. Immediacy drives the entire product. Also included are many special orchestral effects that you often hear in movies. These effects consist of glissandos, rips, clusters, harmonics, instruments playing in non-traditional ways, and a variety of techniques. These types of effects are vital to film and game composers.  

    ARIA instrument player included

    The entire Instant Orchestra library is integrated into the ARIA Player—there’s no need to purchase a separate sample player. Instant Orchestra also features the Conexant® Endless Wave™ technology for hard disk streaming of multiple combinations for large orchestrations. Instant Orchestra supports all popular formats, Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plug-in (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units), and works with supported notation programs such as Finale.  
    Garritan Instant Orchestra—Additional Information and Resources 

    Instant Orchestra vs. Personal Orchestra?

    IO is an entirely different sample set. Personal Orchestra is comprised of individual solo instruments and homogenous instrument sections used to build orchestrations one staff or track at a time. Usually knowledge of orchestration is recommended.  
    Instant Orchestra is designed for those who know little about orchestration or do not have the time to build them. Instant Orchestra is for those who do not want to spend time building orchestrations with one instrument or section at a time. It consists of pre-packaged combinations of instruments, section mash-ups, orchestral effects, and mood-based presets. The idea is to provide a large variety of lush, playable orchestrations with the least time and effort, often using just one or two tracks or staves.  
    Instant Orchestra can be a perfect complement to the world’s most popular orchestral library—Personal Orchestra.


    Garritan Instant Orchestra Intruments list


    Full Strings (Violins, Violas, Cellos, & Basses) Sustains, Marcato, Martele, Lush Sordino, Alternating Short Bows, Tremolo, Col Legno, Pizzicato Full, Snap Pizz, Double Octave Strings, Trills Half-Step & Whole-Step, Easy Sustaining Strings, Easy Pizzicato, Easy Short Bows, Easy Tremolos, Sordino Soft Strings, Full Strings Sus-Alt Short, Harmonic Octaves, Harmonic Double, Octave Strings Largo, Pizzicato Loose, Portato Strings, Solo Strings Overlays, Strings Harmonics, Solo Strings Octave & Sordino Overlays, Tuning & FX Looped, Vibrato Expressivo, Vibrato Extreme, & more...


    Full Brass (Trumpets, Trombones, French horns & Tubas) Unisons, Big Brass Aggressive, Bones Attack, Easy Brass Chords ff Sustain, Brass Octaves, Easy Brass Soft Sustain, Full Brass Chaos, Brass Portato, Horn Clusters and Rips, Low Brass, Easy Brass Short, Organic Brass, Snappy Brass, Trumpets Attack, Tuba Clusters, Wagner Brass, Portato, & more...


    Clarinet Clusters, Clarinet Winds, Flute Clusters, Flutes & Clarinets Clusters, Full Winds, Full Winds Octaves, Full Winds Portato, Full Winds Unison, Oboe & English Horn Clusters, Octave Winds Mix, Reedy Winds, Silvery Winds, Various Wind Clusters, & more...


    Cymbals, Gongs, Cymbals Extras & FX, Earth Drums 1 - 3, Orchestral Percussion Sets, Percussion Toys & Extras, Timpani Hits, Timpani Rolls & FX, Bowed Crotales, Bowed Vibes, Marimba, Glockenspiel & Xylophone (Alternating Strikes), Vintage Sci Fi, & more...

    Keyboards, Harps & Choir:

    Celesta, Piano Light, Harpsichord, Full Organ, Scary Piano FX, Spacey Piano & Orchestra, Harp Plucks, Various Harp Glisses Up and Various Glisses Down, Harp Sweeps Up & Down, Strummed Harp Chords, Full Choir, Cathedral Choir & Orchestras, Ethereal Choir, Horrid Choir, Silvery Choir, & more...


    Chaos Orchestra, Full Strings Short Chaos, Orchestral Clusters, Orchestral Chaos Effects, Orchestral Effects, Many Orchestral Glisses Up & Down, Weirdness! & more...

    • Keyboards, Harps & Choir: Baroquestra, Delicate Orchestra and Harmonics, Easy Orch Chords, Easy Orch Sustains, Easy Orchestra Tremolos, Evolving Orchestra, Full Orchestra, Organ Orchestra, Lush Full Orchestra Octaves, Lush Orchestra Double Octave Winds, Orchestra Power Hits, Natural Brass & Winds, Overlayer Orchestra, Soft Winds & Brass, Supernatural Orchestra, The Big Chord, Wagner Orchestra, & more..
    • Blended Textures: Delicate Orchestra to Ethereal, Strings to Brass to Winds, Tremolo Strings to Brass to Winds, Evolving Orchestra, Full Strings to Full Choir, Full Strings to Soft Winds & Brass, Full Strings Vibrato Control, Full Strings to Winds, Sordino Strings to Choir, Strings to Choir to Winds/ Brass, Tremolo Strings to Winds & Brass, Vibrato Strings to Winds, & more...

    Available : CFX Light -  Classic Pipe Organs - Concert & Marching Band 2 - Harps - Instant Orchestra - Jazz & Big Band 3 - Personal Orchestra 5 - World Instruments - Anthology Collection

    System requirements

    Running Instant Orchestra is dependent on the speed of your computer: the faster, the better.

    • PC: Core 2 Duo CPU or better recommended
    • Mac: OS X 10.5 (32Bit), OS X 10.6 and 10.7 (32Bit and 64Bit)
    • 2 GB RAM recommended
    • 3 GB of free hard drive space
    • Hard drive speed of at least 7200 RPM
    • Internet connection for download version, DVD-ROM drive required for boxed version installation.
    • Monitor with 1,024 x 768 resolution or better
    • A sound card compatible with ASIO 2 or Direct Sound (PC) or Core Audio (Mac)
    • MIDI: A MIDI interface may be required if you are using a MIDI keyboard. Many keyboards now use USB. 
    • The ability to assign controllers within your keyboard, music program, or sequencer are recommended.
    • High-quality speakers and amplifier, or high-quality headphones
    • Internet connection for updates and online registration



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