IEM 7120 Prodipe In-ear Monitors Wireless IEM7120PRODIPE
    • IEM 7120 Prodipe In-ear Monitors Wireless IEM7120PRODIPE

    IEM 7120 Prodipe In-ear Monitors Wireless UHF IEM7120PRODIPE

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    Die Neue Prodipe In-ear monitors IEM 7120 Wireless Monitors System. Ein UHF-In-Ear-Monitoring-System mit UHF System mit 200 Frequenzen. Automatischer Suche und Einstellung der verfügbaren Frequenzen, zur gleichzeitigen Verwendung von bis zu 10 Systemen vor. Getreueste Wiedergabe der Klangquelle – reiner, präziser Klang -  Frequency range: 626 - 668MHz !

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    In-ear monitors IEM 7120 Prodipe

    Our job is to come up with products that offer irreproachable quality. And as always this has been our aim for the IEM 7120. With the help of Ludovic Lanen, we've created a UHF personal system (200 frequencies) for simultaneous use with up to 10 other systems.

    Includes a rack-mountable, solid and reliable metal receiver, boasts an 80m operating range and meets French ANFR standards.

    Wireless in-ear monitoring system:

    • Frequency range: 626 - 668MHz (200 chanels).
    • PLL tuned: 200 stereo channels
    • Up to 80m operating range
    • 19" rack-mountable (1U) supplied
    • In-ear monitor supplied
    • Mono/stereo modes


    "I participated in the development of Prodipe 7120 IEM system and this new product fully meets my quality criteria.

    We've been in this business for more than thirty years now and we respect it so much that we would never put our names to products that can't provide the quality we want."

    Ludovic Lanen - Sound Engineer

    In-ear monitors IEM 7120 Prodipe

    In-ear monitors IEM 7120 Prodipe

    IEM7120 (Transmitter and bodypack)

    • Frequency range: 626 - 668MHz (100 channel PLL synthesized)
    • 80m range
    • 19" rack mounting kit included (1 U)
    • Professional in-ear headphones Prodipe included
    • Automatic Stereo/Mono switching
    • Up to 10 receivers (bodypack) per transmitter


    Specifications Transmitter:

    • Frequency range: 626 - 668MHz
    • Frequency stability: 0.005% PLL (100 channels)
    • RF output power: 30mW
    • Bandwidth: 24MHz
    • S/N ratio: >105dB
    • THD: <0.4% @ 1kHz
    • Frequency response : ±3dB 40Hz - 16kHz
    • Max. range: 80m
    • Power supply: 12-18Vdc, 300mA (adaptor included)
    • Dimensions: 44 x 210 x 175mm
    • Connections: DC in, antenna (BNC), combo input L + R (Jack/XLR), phones out
    • Weight: 1060 g


    Bodypack receiver:

    • Battery: 2 x AA (NOT SUPPLIED)
    • Connections: 3.5mm output stereo Jack
    • Dimensions: 110 x 65 x 25mm
    • Weight: 190g



    This piece of radio equipment is designed to be used at professional musical events or similar and for radio broadcasts.

    This equipment conforms to the requirements of the RED 2014/53/EU European Directive. The frequencies used are subject to license in Belgium and Germany. Before using the equipment, please act in accordance with the provisions of the law currently operating in your country. 

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